Kwiz Bowl



How to Play!

Everyone is encouraged to get involved. To do so, download the KwizFun mobile app (available on both the Google Play and Itunes store). Once downloaded, you can register to play & select your favorite nonprofit to support (play for) from within the app itself.

Once you have registered, simply select the game you would like to join at the time that game is scheduled to start. Once the game has begun, you will have 35 seconds to answer each question (a timer will be displayed on the screen). The last option you select will count as your answer. Each game will last approximately 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break between games.

Player scores are displayed at the end of each round. While you are registered and will participate as a single Player, once you select your nonprofit, you become a member of that nonprofit's team and all points you accumulate will contribute to that team's daily total.

The nonprofit teams that amass the most points throughout the day will earn the donation prizes (listed on the "Nonprofit Classes & Prizes" page). Since the KwizBowl is played on a mobile app, you do NOT have to be present to play and support your nonprofit. However, be sure to provide a valid email so that you can still receive the individual player prizes

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