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                                                  April, 2021 


Moveable Feast Lexington prepares and delivers to the door a hot, nutritious meal five days a week to low-income people in Lexington-Fayette County who have HIV/AIDS and those under the care of Bluegrass Care Navigators (formerly Hospice of the Bluegrass). We also feed their caregivers and dependent children.

Interested in helping?


Our low-income clients depend on nutritious meals to keep their immune systems strong, help manage HIV symptoms as well as side effects, process medications and improve overall quality of life.

Moveable Feast provides 150+ meals a day and has a current need for volunteers to help us deliver.  Here’s what a normal day of volunteering looks like:

  • Arrive at Moveable Feast between 4:00- 4:30pm
  • Receive clipboard with delivery instructions as well as directions to each location
  • Assemble boxed meals according to clipboard
  • Place meals in your car and start delivering meals (approx 2 hours to deliver)

For your first time, we have trained volunteers to help you package meals and drive. If you are interested in volunteering click below to sign up and don’t forget to bring your friends!


Member of the Month

Terry Mullins - Executive Director

Terry Mullins has been with Moveable Feast since they served their first meal back in 1998. Since then, he has been a vital part of the organization and is the current Executive Director. Prior to Moveable Feast, Terry attended the University of Kentucky and received bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science and Political Science. After graduation, he worked in the insurance industry and volunteered with a variety of nonprofits before choosing to work full-time with Moveable Feast.

A typical day for Terry looks like this; he is at Moveable Feast by 8:30 a.m and hits the ground running, taking most of the morning attending to organizing daily delivery routes, liaising with hospice, coordinating with local food banks, managing the budget including building maintenance.  As Terry would say, his role with Moveable Feast deals a lot with organizational tasks, grant writing, and paperwork. He then helps out with preparing the food if needed and will finish his day by delivering food until 7 pm.

Being a very busy guy, we asked Terry what makes him wake up every morning and show up for Moveable Feast?  Terry acknowledges the importance of his work and his fear is if the work is not continued his client’s quality of life will deteriorate and some may starve. For a lot of clients, the Moveable Feast volunteers are the only people checking up on these people every day.

Terry has a few goals for Moveable Feast, the most prominent one being; to get more volunteers. Volunteers play a significant role by packaging and delivering meals to the clients. Although the volunteer work is fun and easy, the help it gives to Moveable Feast is life-changing. Getting more volunteers plays into the goal Terry has had since the beginning, to expand Moveable Feast to serve meals all over Kentucky.


Impact of COVID-19 on Moveable Feast

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, creating a lot of change and challenge for the entire world.

Moveable Feast, has been and will continue to follow CDC guidelines. Specifically, our board meetings are currently being held on zoom, our volunteers and staff members continue to wear masks, and we maintain social distancing. 

However, the biggest challenge Moveable Feast has faced is our growing need. Our client list has grown tremendously with new and returning clients because of haphazard unemployment relief and stimulus payments. With that, we have been unable to host a live fundraiser for over a year and are in dire need of financial support.  We are unable to resume live fundraisers until authorized by the CDC and our state government.  

Given all those issues and situations, Movable Feast Lexington has readily adapted and pushed on without a glitch thank you to our amazing staff and growing volunteer base! 



60% of Moveable Feast’s budget comes from donors. With good nutrition and proper medication, our at-risk AIDS clients can achieve a viral load so low as to live as close to normal life and be unable to transmit the virus to someone else.  So, by donating to Moveable Feast you are not only feeding those in need of food but aiding in stopping the spread of AIDS.


Upcoming Event

Click the poster to attend the event Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 12 noon.